Welcome to Cell Block Seven Design Co

Hi everyone, and welcome to the site! The site is a work in progress and I’ll be constantly making updates to it as time goes by. For now, feel free to look around at some of my work in the galleries.

More information about the company can be found in the about page.

I’m not a big corporation with a ton of machines, employees, and automations.  I am a single person in a small garage with an insane work ethic and attention to detail.  I personally see every product through from start to finish, and I rarely batch things (often to my detriment), because I feel every project should get my full attention until it’s done.

Because of this, my turnaround time can sometimes be a bit longer, but the quality of my work benefits from it and hopefully speaks for itself.

I hope you give me a chance to make your designs come to life.  There are lots of options out there to get such products made cheaply, by a production line of poorly paid “workers” overseas, and I appreciate anyone who is willing to give a local small business a chance, support a starving Marine (haha), and keep things made in the good ol’ USA by real people.

Thanks for visiting my site.  Let me know if you have any issues with it or recommendations!

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