Hosting Changes

I recently transferred a lot of my hosting/registrar stuff from GoDaddy & Google to Squarespace. I’ll also be transferring off of HostGator soon to KnownHost. These changes take time to [...]

Backend Updates

Quick update for the site. I have streamlined the checkout process and it seems to be working now. If there are issues with it, reach out to me via the [...]

More Workflow Updates

I made a lot of updates to the site. I have no hair, but if I did I would have pulled it all out. The site now supports custom orders [...]

Holiday happenings and workflow updates

I’ve been back in the shop after a lot of summer and early fall travel. I’ve fixed a few bugs on the web site, where e-mails weren’t being sent via [...]

Delayed Processing in July

Hello everyone.  Just wanted to notify that I will be traveling in July.  I’ll still be able to discuss new orders and requests (likely a little slower though), but any [...]

Welcome to Cell Block Seven Design Co

Hi everyone, and welcome to the site! The site is a work in progress and I’ll be constantly making updates to it as time goes by. For now, feel free [...]