Holiday happenings and workflow updates

I’ve been back in the shop after a lot of summer and early fall travel. I’ve fixed a few bugs on the web site, where e-mails weren’t being sent via the Contact form. That form should work now.

I will continue to update the “shop” with products you can purchase as I produce them. In the meantime, anything in the online shop represents custom design work, and is basically listed to give you an idea of price points and production flow.

If you want some custom work done, whether it’s leather or wood, please reach out via the Contact form. These types of projects are too diverse to list in an online shop with a fixed price. Some take 10+ hours to manufacture, so putting that into the same product listing as something that takes 45 minutes just isn’t feasible.

As I get additional projects under my belt I hope to streamline the process a bit more. So how does it work for now?

  • Contact me with a brief description of what you’d like to have done.
  • I will review and get back to you ASAP with details and estimated pricing and turnaround time. If you’re happy with this estimate, we will go over specific details such as design, material, colors, etc.
  • Once we’ve slapped the table on the goals, I will quote you a final price and I’ll get to designing (if required).
  • I will send you a digital proof of your design for approval, and depending on the size of the project I may request an initial 25% deposit before beginning production – this will usually just be to cover material costs, and typically I will do my best to only collect payment upon completion.
  • Once we have approved final cost, any changes from you may require additional payment. Any changes made by my recommendation will be at my expense. I have occasionally found certain design elements look better while I’m in the process of manufacturing, and I will reach out to you if I think the product/design can be improved. None of this will cost you anything, as I really just want the products to look good, so I often will eat the time and material expenses to make it better.
  • I will send you progress photos along the way to ensure you are satisfied. When manufacturing is complete (or, depending on quantity ordered, when some of the initial products are complete), I will send you completion photos. If you require any changes at this point, I will have to re-quote you on pricing, but am happy to make changes.
  • Hand-stitching on patchwork takes a long time. Production will be complete, but it may take several days to stitch, depending on quantity. I am a one person shop.
  • After all is complete, I will package it up and ship it. I will typically charge a $10.00 flat rate for shipping. Larger/heavier projects may cost extra, but that will be disclosed up front. Tracking # will be provided, and usually they will go via USPS. Local pickup is free if you are in the local area, but local delivery will also be $10.00.

Other random considerations:


I typically charge $45/hour of design time for custom work. I will quote you on this up front and it will be included in my pricing estimate to you. Any design time beyond my estimates will be at my expense. Changes made by you after project approval will require a minimum 1 hour design charge. This is typical, but not set in stone. If your project is more simple, and not a lot of quantity, I will work with you and be reasonable about cost so you aren’t paying $45 + $x.xx + $shipping for a single patch, for example.

Design is a time-intensive process, often requiring various angles of approach and multiple software programs to achieve a good end result. As it is a back-and-forth process between you and I, please understand that it is not a one size fits all process.

Machine time expense will typically match my design rate. i.e. 8 hours of machining on the CNC mill will usually run near $360. Again, I will work you to keep these prices reasonable, but machine time and design time are considerable time expenses for me. Machining is not an idle process, as it requires constant oversight, bit changes, maintenance, as well as manual machining (sanding, chiseling, painting/staining, etc.). We aren’t yet at a point in technology when you can “just push a button,” unfortunately.

Those are just some random updates, as I iron out my workflow, and hope it answers some questions about pricing. Once again, these are not static processes or prices, and I will do my best to get you an affordable product you’re happy with, while also being fairly compensated for my time, experience and equipment.

Hope everyone has a good holiday season! Reach out to me if you’d like to get something started!

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