More Workflow Updates

I made a lot of updates to the site. I have no hair, but if I did I would have pulled it all out. The site now supports custom orders that will be invoiced upon fulfillment. Right now there’s only one product listed.

If you’re looking for a custom leather patch, head on over to the shop and add a quantity to your cart. I was going to (and still may) offer customization options online, but every project is pretty unique and probably best quoted individually. I may at least add the various stain colors I have to choose from, and as I become more proficient with the finishing process, be able to offer some cool design options.

In the meantime, I’m going to start producing some stock quantities of morale patches that you’ll be able to buy directly. Those you’ll be able to pay for @ purchase. For custom work, you’ll be able to order by quantity, and then provide a description and image file (if you have one) for me to reference. That’ll create the order in the database so fulfillment process can begin, and I can reach out to you discuss final pricing.

Right now patches are priced at $20/ea. That is an optimistic price based on my current workflow/pace, and even at that price, I’m not coming out on top by much, if at all. When I refine my processes a little further, I’ll hopefully be able to bring that price down for bulk quantities, but it will likely go up for single and small batch orders. Probably $25/ea.

I’m also updating my shipping costs to $15 per order. This covers flat rate shipping for the vast majority of orders I’ll push out. On a case-by-case basis I’ll be able to adjust this. Finally there will be a $30 flat fee for image processing (separate from design time) if concepts submitted by customers need to be converted to usable formats. I don’t like having to charge this, but converting unsupported image formats to usable vectors costs me money and time in addition to everything else.

These are pretty high prices. I get it. I’m hoping that the quality of my work justifies it.

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